Area Profiles

Area Profile

Each report is produced using a modular approach

Works closely with a client to ensure the content reflects local needs

highlight communities most at risk and identify areas where casualty profiles match those seen in the data.

An Area Profile provides a local area with an overview of their road safety performance by delivering detailed analysis and insight on all injury collisions reported to the police. The figures used in an Area Profile are based on the national STATS 19 collision data provided to Road Safety Analysis by the Department for Transport, blended with a wider array of public and proprietary data to provide context and Insight.

The output of an Area Profile is a digital report which can be shared as a pdf to inform the prioritisation of road user groups in a local Road Safety Action plan. As an Area profile highlights road user groups who are most at risk, authorities often choose to follow-up with a more detailed examination of discreet groups with one of our additional products called an ‘Insight Study’.

An additional Power BI Dashboard can also be commissioned to accompany the Area Profile narrative report. This provides an interactive summary of the charts and tables which feature in an Area Profile and is available as a link which can be embedded in a report or website.


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