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Headliners provide quick, ready made analyses of the risk posed to certain road user groups, in the form of charts, maps, and data tables. They come in six flavours based on the road user group that they focus on.

Three are casualty based, looking at :

  • child casualties
  • pedestrian casualties
  • and pedal cyclist casualties

The other three are based on collision-involved drivers, looking at:

  • motorcyclists
  • older drivers
  • and young drivers

The front page of each headliner contains headline figures, showing the scale of the issues faced by these road user groups both in and from the chosen area, including an index showing this relative to the national statistics.

Alongside the Summary information, there are five tabs of charts and data, which answer the questions; What, Where, When, How and Who.

What focuses on the overall picture, showing casualty rates (or collision involvement rates) and trends.

Where focuses on the locations in which casualties are injured or drivers are involved in collisions.

The How tab gives some information on how casualties are injured or how drivers are involved in collisions.

The Who tab gives information about:

  • gender
  • age
  • and socio-demographics

Alongside these six types of headliners, there is a Maps Headliner that contains:

  • Choropleth maps of resident casualty risk rates for all casualties
  • Collision rates for all collisions
  • A heatmap of all collisions, with clusters
  • And a network route analysis, showing routes coloured by collision density index

All seven headliners are included in the standard MAST package.


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