Insight Studies

Insight Study

Each report is produced using a modular approach

Works closely with a client to ensure the content reflects local needs

highlight communities most at risk and identify areas where casualty profiles match those seen in the data.

A research product ranging in scope from small scale insight into specific casualty issues at a local level through to national analyses which are subsequently used in policy development. It is part data analysis and part research around elements including behaviour and socio demographics.

Its purpose is to provide the commissioner with a deeper insight into any issues that are of interest or of concern that have emerged from an Area Profile or if someone is well aware of their issue, i.e. Liverpool knows that it is worst in the country for adult pedestrians, so an Area Profile is an unnecessary starting point. Ideally, we advise that an Area Profile should be the starting point (in order to avoid issues going unnoticed or assumptions being made) and that Insight should follow.

Agilysis work closely with the client to ensure that the content reflects local needs. We will then conduct a targeted investigation into the issue, concentrating on a specific type of risk, road user group and/or demographic category.

Making extensive use of socio-demographic and geospatial techniques, as well as comprehensive examination of road casualty and contributory factor data to develop a greater understanding of those injured on the roads.

An Insight Study is normally shared as a digital report.


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