Road User Group Dashboards

Road User Group Dashboards

Each report is produced using a modular approach

Works closely with a client to ensure the content reflects local needs

Keep track and add new sections to monitor local risk over time

Agilysis provide a suite of fully interactive dashboards to enable quick and easy analysis of road safety data. Data visualisation dashboards allow organisations to provide road safety information to both internal and external stakeholders on a range of topics. Over recent years, the Agilysis team have provided dashboard solutions alongside analysis projects and independently to inform elected members, the public sector and members of the public.

Depending on the requirements of the project, either Power BI, Tableau Public or Dundas Dashboard can be used as a platform to create impressive chart and map visualisations. As well as producing standard dashboard products, Agilysis work with organisations to create bespoke visualisations that meet user specifications. National police casualty and collision data is most commonly used to power the dashboards, but locally held data can also be used if it is in a suitable format. A range of other sources such as ONS, DfT and Ordnance Survey data can also be included.

Whether you require a suite of dashboards covering different road user groups for public access, a KPI monitoring dashboard to present information to colleagues and elected members, or an easily updatable dashboard to accompany a published report, Agilysis has the expertise to deliver impressive and effective data visualisations. Agilysis have systems in place to update data on a regular basis allowing users to keep their dashboards as current as possible. Data can be exported from the dashboards and visualisations can be saved as images to use in reports and other publications.


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