Route Risk Analysis

Route Risk Analysis

Online Interactive Webmap and Dashboard

Duel assessment of risk

5 Years of data

Agilysis have been supplying local roads analysis dashboards for a number of years. The collision and traffic flow data underpinning the analysis is obtained from the Department for Transport.

Risk is assessed in two ways; as collision density, which is the annual average number of collisions on a route per 100 miles of road; as a risk rate, which takes traffic flow into consideration and is the annual average collisions per billion vehicle miles. The analysis looks at collisions over a five-year period using STATS 19 data collected by the police and collisions of all severities are included in this analysis.

Our analysis uses a bespoke road network created by Agilysis and derived from the Ordnance Survey Open Roads layer. Classified road links are combined using road number then split at junctions with other classified roads. Roads are also split where they meet a major junction such as interchanges or large roundabouts. Unclassified roads are split at junctions with other unclassified roads. Routes terminate at the boundary of the specified authority of analysis. Collision density and collision rates on routes have been compared to other routes of the same class (A, B and motorways) within the authority area to create index values. Index values are 100-based, so an A road route with an index value of 50 has a rate half that of the average for all A roads in that area and an index value of 200 means a rate of twice the rate of that area.

The results of this analysis are shared with the client via an interactive ESRI webmap and dashboard which is available to view using an ESRI license.

An optional written report is also available which summarises the key findings.


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